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421 Montaño Road Northeast
Albuquerque, NM, 87107

(505) 345-9005

We are an independent bicycle shop with great sales, parts and service. We carry kids bikes, cruisers, hybrid bikes, road bikes, gravel grinders, cyclocross, mountain bikes, enduro bikes, dirt jumpers, BMX bikes, downhill bikes, balance bikes, adult tricycles (or trikes), electric bikes and many awesome parts and accessories.


Repair Services

Fat Tire Cycles: Repair Services

Fat Tire Cycles offers repair service for bicycles of all manufacturers, regardless of where you purchased your bike.  We also repair electric bicycles, tricycles, tandem bicycles, recumbents, and many other variations.

Our experienced and competent technicians provide unique services that not every shop can do:

  • Bicycle suspension repair and rebuild

  • Electric bicycle repair and diagnostics from certified technicians

  • Conversion of standard bikes and tricycles to accommodate electric motors

  • Service on Campagnolo components (using our Campagnolo master tool set)

  • Measurement and calculation of spoke length based on the dimensions of rims and hubs

  • Cutting of custom spokes with our specialized spoke-cutting tools

  • Building of pro-level custom bicycle wheels including: fat bike wheels, wheelchair wheels, or electric wheels

  • Assembly of custom bicycles with your choice of components

  • Professional measurement of personal dimensions for custom bicycle fabrication

  • Quick flat repair while you wait

  • Debuilding bikes for refurbishment

  • First time build procedures including; chasing and facing of headtubes and bottom brackets

  • In order to reduce repair time, we stock hundreds of bicycle parts and components

  • We also stock many parts for older bicycle repairs and service