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421 Montaño Road Northeast
Albuquerque, NM, 87107

(505) 345-9005

We are an independent bicycle shop with great sales, parts and service. We carry kids bikes, cruisers, hybrid bikes, road bikes, gravel grinders, cyclocross, mountain bikes, enduro bikes, dirt jumpers, BMX bikes, downhill bikes, balance bikes, adult tricycles (or trikes), electric bikes and many awesome parts and accessories.



Assume the position with efficiency and comfort. 

The purpose of fitting a bike to a client is to:

1. Find the right frame

2. Determine seat and handlebar position, i.e. fine tuning

3. Identify other fit issues

  • Saddle width and shape
  • Clipless pedal cleat orientation
  • Cleat risers for differential leg extension
  • Handlebar reach and shape
  • Address any loss of efficiency or discomfort resourcefully

Many of us at Fat Tire can custom fit your bike to you, but one of us provides a professional certified fit for custom builds and racing. Erik Faria has 15 years experience with various fitting systems. He has studied sports nutrition and physiology at Sacramento State and UNM. He's also just a really nice and helpful person who knows a lot about the products you can choose from to make your cycling experience the best.

Bike Fitting Pricing

Basic Fit: $80

A basic fit includes putting your bike in a trainer, determining seat and handlebar position, and discussing options.  Free with bike purchase.

Custom build or Race Fit: $120

This includes performing a full body proportion measurement and a print out of results customized to the type of riding you do.  Free with bike purchase above $2000.

Refit: $40

This includes revisiting the bike in the trainer or any labor involved in readjusting shoes or bicycle parts for fit purposes.