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We are an independent bicycle shop with great sales, parts and service. We carry kids bikes, cruisers, hybrid bikes, road bikes, gravel grinders, cyclocross, mountain bikes, enduro bikes, dirt jumpers, BMX bikes, downhill bikes, balance bikes, adult tricycles (or trikes), electric bikes and many awesome parts and accessories.


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Being in the powersports industry for over nineteen years now, Bintelli has met and spoken with people around the country that all have given us plenty of feedback on what they look for in a perfect powersport and electric bicycle distributor. We have taken all of this feedback and applied the comments to develop a brand of e-bikes that sets itself above the rest. The electric bicycles we distribute through Bintelli are made with the customer in mind. While other manufacturers are more worried about cutting corners and costs, we instead focus on how we can build the best product possible.


No matter the adventure you want to go on, IZIP has an electric bike that will amplify your ride so you can travel further and faster. Whether you’re looking to explore endless miles of unknown dirt roads and trails, change your commute to work by skipping the car ride in favor of your city’s bike paths, or desire spending your weekend cruising along the coast in comfort, IZIP Electric Bikes will enable and inspire.

All of our IZIP electric bikes are designed and built from the ground up with fully integrated electronics and are purpose built to be electrified. We feature the most current technologies using premium drive systems, selected individually for function-specific performance for every type of riding. Pedal activated drive systems by BoschShimano and TranzX, which engage only when you pedal, mean our bikes look and perform like regular bicycles, with extra assistance just when you want it. It also means they’re quick, predictable, easy to control and can be ridden almost everywhere.

IZIP is included in a family of brands that is part of the world’s largest electric bike supplier, Accell Group, which means you can count on quality, reliability and value. And it’s easy to find a bike dealer whenever you need service or have questions about your electric bike.

You can choose the perfect electric bike by ordering online from our full assortment of models and styles and pick up from your local dealer (who will make sure you’re all set on your new electric bike) or in markets where we offer mobile service, have the bike delivered to your doorstep, completely assembled by Beeline Bikes, our mobile bike delivery partner.

Based in Southern California, and inspired by the sunny weather, IZIP Electric Bikes come in bright, unique colors with stylish graphics that fit any personality. Not sure which electric bike is right for your adventure? Use our Electric Bike Finder to learn more. It’s electric (boogie woogie woogie)!


Easy Motion USA, is an award winning eBike company that offers the latest in pedal assist technology. Easy Motion USA offers a wide range of models that offer incredible value and performance. We have quickly become a leading eBike brand by consistently bringing bikes to the market that offer the latest technologies and set the bar for reliability and performance.

As a whole, the entire range of Easy Motion models address the needs of riders from leisure to sport; trail to tarmac. Since the beginning, BH has focused on building bikes that maximize a rider’s potential. It is this approach that has become the base on which our 100+ year legacy has been built on. It’s the foundation we continue to build on for the next 100 years…

The Haibike sales concept is based on specialist retailers.

This means we sell our products exclusively through a trusted network of authorized dealers. The advantages of this approach are having an expert answer your questions and the opportunity to truly experience and get to know our bikes through test rides. We want you to find the Haibike of your dreams. Our dealers will service your new Haibike, fulfill any special requests, and support any technical problems. This happens through direct, personal, and quality interactions.

While some dealers sell Haibikes online, if you go this route, we strongly recommend you make sure the dealer professionally assembles your Haibike and offers long-term support for service and technical questions. Please keep in mind the shipment of electric bicycles is complex.



myStromer AG develops and markets innovative e-bikes. The strength of the company lies in the development of and mechanical components, electric components, software, and the complete system integration. The Swiss company was founded in 2009 by Thomas Binggeli. In March, 2013 the company opened its headquarters in Oberwangen near Bern, Switzerland. The entire facility’s energy is provided by rooftop solar cells, and every battery used in the assembly of Stromer e-bikes is filled with solar-derived energy. At the Oberwangen campus, management, engineering, research and development, assembly, logistics, customer service and even a Stromer flagship retail store are located under one roof. A second assembly location for the European market is located in Riedstadt, Germany.



Inspired by new technologies and the global brands associated with them, such as Tesla, Apple and Google, visionary developer Thomas “Thömu” Binggeli came up with a uniquely innovative e-bike, the Stromer. Right from the first model, standout features included a distinctive design coupled with exceptionally high power. In 2009 Thömu established the Swiss premium brand that shared its name – Stromer – and launched the e-bike onto the market under precisely that name.