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421 Montaño Road Northeast
Albuquerque, NM, 87107

(505) 345-9005

We are an independent bicycle shop with great sales, parts and service. We carry kids bikes, cruisers, hybrid bikes, road bikes, gravel grinders, cyclocross, mountain bikes, enduro bikes, dirt jumpers, BMX bikes, downhill bikes, balance bikes, adult tricycles (or trikes), electric bikes and many awesome parts and accessories.

Demo Bicycles

Demo BIKE Program

$80 for 2 day rental.

(Up to $100 applied to the purchase of a bike. )

Gravel Demo Fleet:

Ibis Hakka MX Carbon 55cm **New Arrival

Jamis Renegade Elite / Grey - 48, 51, 54, 58cm

Niner RLT 9 / Grey & Green - 53, 56cm  

Electric Demo Fleet:

IZIP Zuma White&Blue - Medium 

Stromer ST1X Black  LG/XL 

Easy Motion Rebel Lynx 5.5 Lt  Orange - Large

Easy Motion Rebel Lynx 5.5 Pwr Black & Blue - Med


Jamis Roughneck Green 15 **New Arrival

Jamis Roughneck Blue 17 **New Arrival

Jamis Roughneck Green 19 **New Arrival


Road Demo Fleet

Moots Routt 45 TI - 56cm  

Mountain Demo Fleet:

Ibis HD4 GXE Silver - Med(17),XL(21)

Ibis HD4 XO Red - Large(19)

Ibis HD4 XO Silver - Small(15)

Ibis Mojo 3 Red - Large 

Ibis Mojo 3 Red - Medium **New Arrival

Ibis Mojo 3 Red - Small **New Arrival

Ibis Mojo 3 Black - Small **New Arrival

Ibis Ripley LS Eagle Vit Yellow - Large 

Ibis Ripley LS Vit Yellow - Medium 

Ibis Ripmo Blue - Xlarge

Ibis Ripmo Blue/Orange - Medium**New Arrival

Intense Tracer 29 VP Black - Large

Intense Tracer 27.5 Carbon/Blk - Small

Intense Tracer 26 VP Red - Large

Intense Tracer 27.5A Black/White - Medium

Intense 951 (DH) Red - Large

Intense Recluse Expert Red/O - Medium(17) 

Intense Recluse Expert Red/O - Small(15) 

Intense Recluse Expert Red - Large(19) 

Jamis Komodo Ex Blue - Medium(17) 

Jamis Komodo Ex Red - Large(19) 

Niner SIR9 Grey/Blue/Orange - Small,Medium,Large 

Niner Jet 9 Red - Small

Transition Covert CF Yellow - Large

Transition Patrol Green/Black - Small

Transition Sentinel Blue - Medium,Large,XL 

Transition Smuggler GX Black - Large**New Arrival

Transition Smuggler XL orange**New Arrival

Transition Smuggler MED orange**New Arrival

Transition Throttle 27.5 Yellow - Small, Medium, Large 

Transition Throttle 27.5 Black - XL